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the-multiple-lives-of-a-stock-trader-1_1 The Multiple Lives Of A Stock Trader_1

Whether they are working full- or part-time, traders are likely to experience multiple swings in their careers. Just like the markets they trade, they

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the-dynamic-trader_1 The Dynamic Trader

Top About Us Established in 2006 by Javid Shaik and Anne Chapman, The Dynamic Trader was founded by traders, for traders. With over twenty

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stock-trading-rules-for-successful-investing_4 Stock Trading Rules For Successful Investing

Having a solid set of stock trading rules is a critical part of being a successful stock trader. Most new stock traders lose money

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what-are-penny-stocks_3 Penny Stocks

Jet life Penny Stocks Team: Master of the Old and Experts of New We combine ‘hard-work’ and old fashioned due diligence along with a

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multiple-tops_2 Multiple Tops

What is Multiple Tops chart Pattern? Multiple Tops is a chart pattern, formed by price action, with several swing tops placed side by side,

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multiple-time-frames_2 Multiple Time Frames

What Does Trading with Multiple Time Frames Mean? If a trader uses both a 30 minute chart and a 5 minute chart of the

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improve-market-breadth-analysis-survivorship-bias_1 Improve Market Breadth Analysis Survivorship Bias

As one who has spent many years studying financial markets, I have focused on market breadth analysis. I have wondered why in this area

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how-to-trade-stocks-using-multiple-time-frames_2 How to Trade Stocks Using Multiple Time Frames

Looking at multiple time frames can give you a better idea of what is happening with a stock. For swing trading, we can break

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basic-steps-for-picking-high-performance-stocks_4 How to Day Trade Stocks (6 Steps)

Instructions Buy day trading software. To day trade stocks, you need three kinds of software. Data software provides price feeds. Charting software charts prices

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daytrader1-teaching-investors-how-to-day-trade_2 DayTrader1 Teaching Investors How To Day Trade With A Day Trading and Swing Trading System

We have to use actual market quotations to illustrate exactly what we are doing and why we are doing it. Otherwise, the diaries and

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