How to Calculate Investment Rates of Return

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How to Calculate Investment Rates of Return


Assume, for example, a $10,000 investment with a 6 percent return that compounds quarterly to be held for three years.

Determine the number of compounds in the year. Since our example is quarterly, this number is 4. Divide this into the number derived in Step 2. Example. 06/4 = .015.

How to Calculate CAGR


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How to Calculate Investment Rates of Return

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How to Calculate Investment Rates of Return. Looking at a year-end statement that shows the rate of return on investments only tells.

How to Find the Rate of Return on an Investment. Most investors want to know how much money they're going to make.

CAGR, or compound annual growth rate, shows how much an investment is earning over a period of years. By using this, investors.

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