Top 5 Free iPhone Apps for Stock Market Quotes

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Top 5 Free iPhone Apps for Stock Market Quotes

With the boom in smartphone industry and millions of iPhones sold worldwide, things are gradually changing. Were experiencing service on the go like never before. Just a week ago, SEBI approved stock trading Apps on Mobile Phone for Indian stock market investors. Today, we have reviewed the top five iPhone applications which will provide you live market quotes. These apps work for Indian as well as International Investors.

Theres a huge variety of iPhone apps both free and paid, on the app store which allow you to view live market quotes from international stock exchanges. Some Stock brokers in the USA even allow you to trade from within the iPhone app. However, thats not possible so far for Indian users. Lets look at the ones which let us watch the market.

1. Yahoo Stocks App

This is there on the iPhone by default. It lets you add stocks from all major exchanges worldwide including BSE & NSE. The information is all gathered from Yahoo Finance. As soon as you turn your iPhone into landscape mode the chart for the selected company appears. You can select from 1day, 1week and so on upto 2 years. Makes great use of iPhone features and is a must have. Most users go for this or the Bloomberg app for market watch.

2. Bloomberg

Our favorite application in this lot. You know the most successful apps in this category have a few things in common. They let you live quotes of course. If you tilt the iPhone into landscape mode they will switch to charts. Most of the apps featured on this page have this ability. You must take advantage of this feature if you are keen about the market research. Once the iPhone is tilted you can define the period the chart should display. To know price at an exact point in the chart just drag your finger along the curve and youll be amazed at the apps abilities. I love how the developers have made so much use of the touchscreen and accelerometer.

Having over 40,000 ratings, this obviously is an investors favorite. Supports stock quotes from all leading stock exchanges including NSE and BSE (Indian Stock Exchange). Indian users should totally go for this application. Well do a full review of this app if we receive requests from you. This app does a great job with charts and the 52 week report at a glance right alongside the realtime quotes, thus making great use of the screen space. Also, provided is the company related market news. Store link here.

A very good app delivering real time quotes. Downside is that it wont let you add NSE or BSE quotes(Indian Stock Market) However, for the US Indexes NASDAQ, NYSE, Down Jones and more this is one of the best present out there. You can create your own stocks watchlist and look for company specific news. Other features include exclusive video clips everyday from US, Europe and Asia and charts with customizable periods. Store Link here.

4. Daily Finance

Powered by AOL, this is another great app. Will keep you updated with live quotes and company related financial quotes. Only downside is that Indian users wont find it of any use as NSE or BSE indices are not supported.

Brought to you by thinkorswim, iSwim does not support Indian Stock exchange but great otherwise. Thinkorswim users can even trade stock, options, futures etc. right from within the app. Just wish similar apps existed for Indian brokers as well. You can create watchlists, access charts and read company related news. Store download link here .

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