Got a 401(k) Four Tips That Might Help You Join the Million Dollar Club FIC Blog

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Got a 401(k) Four Tips That Might Help You Join the Million Dollar Club FIC Blog

While the average 401(k) balance. $91,300, may not be enough to get a person through a lengthy retirement, thousands of people are becoming millionaires thanks to their diligent work in socking money away into their 401(k) accounts.

According to Fidelity Investments, which is one of the largest providers of 401(k ) plans, 72,000 clients had built their accounts up to the $1 million mark by the end of last year. What is promising about this figure is that it is twice the number Fidelity saw in 2012. Of the 401(k) millionaires sampled, nearly 10 percent had more than $2 million saved.

You may have noticed a substantial dip in your 401(k) balance when the economy went south in 2008 and 2009, but thanks to the recovery, many stocks have recovered and investors are seeing growth – which is helping to push more of them over that $1 million mark. Fidelity says that those who are millionaires had an average of 72 percent of their holdings in equity mutual funds or equities and only 12 percent in company stock. This is in line with what financial advisors talk about when diversification is the topic. Having too much of the 401(k) portfolio in company stock is most often considered a risky investment.

If you think a booming stock market is the only key to the success of an investment fund, think again. Here is what the research from Fidelity revealed about the investment habits of smart retirement planners:

· Meeting the Employer Match

Don’t miss out on that “free” money by not putting in the maximum that your employer will match in your 401(k). For the 401(k) millionaires, meeting that match contributed to an average of $35,700 per account in 2014.

· Contributing 10 to 15 Percent of Salary

If you can ramp up your savings to 10 or 15 percent, you’ll have a better chance at a strong retirement fund. For example, the average savings rate in 2014 was $9,670; for the millionaires, it was $21,400. Not everyone is going to have that kind of salary, but the lesson is simple – if you’re putting more away, you’ll have more for retirement.

· Using the Catch-Up

A “catch-up” contribution allows people aged 50 and older to make a higher contribution to their plan.

· Consistency

The best savers are those who don’t sway from their goals and don’t borrow against their retirement.

Let an investment advisor assist you in making sure your 401(k) is properly diversified and that you aren’t taking on more risk than you should. For more information, contact Family Investment Center today.

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