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INVEST Worldwide

Merrill Invest

Merrill Invest represents a range of products offered by Merrill Lynch to investors seeking exposure to structured and alternative investments.

Merrill Invest products are classified into four categories:

    Capital Protection Yield Enhancement Participation Leverage

These categories are designed to assist investors to align their choice of financial products with their investment strategy and level of risk tolerance.

Structured and Alternative Investments Group

We provide innovative and value added ways for investors and clients to meet their investment and risk management goals. With dedicated professionals partnering together across the world’s major financial centres, we provide winning solutions across a wide range of underlying asset classes.

Product Categories

Capital Protection

These offer investors the comfort of either capital protection at maturity or capital protection on a continuous basis. With potential for enhanced returns through increased market exposure and the potential to utilise external gearing, these products are designed to optimise the relationship between risk and return.

Designed for investors who seek higher returns without putting all of their capital at risk. Can be suitable for both conservative investors seeking protection and aggressive investors seeking 100% gearing.

Yield Enhancement

INVEST Worldwide

These provide investors with enhanced returns through a steady income stream, subject to the performance of the underlying assets.

Suitable for investors with moderate to high risk tolerances who seek to optimise exposure to the equity market with partial or conditional risk of capital loss.


These allow investors access to various markets or investment strategies for enhanced return potential, with varying degrees of principal protection.

Suitable for investors with moderate to high risk tolerances who seek to optimize exposure to the equity market or investment strategy with partial or conditional risk of capital loss. Often used by investors seeking access to new investment themes.


These offer a leveraged or geared exposure to the underlying assets for investors looking for enhanced return potential.

Designed for investors with moderate to high risk tolerances who understand that by accepting greater risk, the potential for higher returns is enhanced, along with the risk of increased downside.

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