Project Payday Realistic Extra Income for the Average Joe

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Project Payday Realistic Extra Income for the Average Joe

Dear Friend,

This may feel like a blow to the stomach, but I’ve got to say it. You probably don’t have what it takes to work from home and make money online like me.

Does that sting? Before you get up to slug me, let me explain. What I have that you probably don’t. is a lot of free time to work on my Internet business.

Most Average Joes don’t have the time to sit down and learn how to start a home business. They’re too busy working their rears off at low-paying jobs. Sometimes even balancing two full-time jobs.

Many Average Joes are going to school. sometimes in addition to working. And lots of Average Joes are busy with kids. Any of this sound familiar?

Another big obstacle is money.

Do you have endless cash to spend on business opportunities? Many home business type programs require you to buy supplies. risk loads of money on advertising. and more. How ironic is that?

The reason you’re looking to make extra money is because you need more of it! Not because you have a bunch of extra cash laying around to spend. Right?!

You’ve got bills to pay. Loans to pay off. Credit cards to pay down. Skyrocketing gas prices to deal with, and more!

These are the reasons I’ve always hesitated to share my primary money-making system with others. My paycheck is proof my strategies work, but I know most people don’t have the time or resources to make money the way I do.

And that’s ALWAYS a recipe for failure — so I vowed never to produce a how to make money on the Internet product for the Average Joe.

But as it turned out, I’ve had to eat my words.

I just had no idea I’d stumble on another stupidly simple way to make money online. Or that it would turn out to be the perfect system for the Average Joe!

Here’s the skinny on Project Payday.

You don’t have to invest or risk a bunch of money

You can be up and running literally in a matter of hours

You can do it whenever you want with no responsibilities

Unlike anything else I’ve seen, you can make money the first day

Now when I find a potential opportunity – especially an opportunity almost no one knows about – the first thing I do is test it with real people who have no experience at all. I gave them a few days to see if they could make what we call the fast first $50.

The results? Well, here’s the payment file from May 17, 2012 so you can see for yourself:

I blurred out their email addresses for privacy, but those are all real students who just a few days ago decided to try Project Payday. Think those people were special? Nope, no different than you. Think May 17, 2012 was some special day? Nope. Here’s the payments from May 15, 2012:

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