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peoria-county-government_2 Peoria County Government

Tax-Related Questions Can I make partial payments? Partial payments are not accepted. You may pay one full installment by each due date or you

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how-to-get-help-with-property-taxes-and_1 How to get help with property taxes and assessments

There are a few different options for homeowners when it comes to receiving assistance with their property taxes. You can challenge your local government,

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how-to-appeal-your-propertytax-billkiplinger_1 How to Appeal Your PropertyTax BillKiplinger

A well-researched appeal can slash your property tax bill. Chances are pretty good that you’re paying more in property taxes than you should be.

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how-real-property-taxes-are-calculated-in-cook_2 How real property taxes are calculated in Cook County

Cook County, Illinois residents will get a big surprise in their mailboxes around July 1.  Just in time to celebrate the nations birthday, the

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buying-tax-lien-certificate-for-investment-check_1 How do tax liens or tax deed sales work Real Estate for you!

Apr. 15, 2008 — How do tax liens or tax deed sales work? Hi all! As promised last week, I said I would speak

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exchange-technique-allows-real-estate-investors-to_1 Exchange technique allows real estate investors to put off the tax bill

By Benny L. Kass Saturday, February 12, 2011 Q: I bought my house many years ago for $50,000. When my family grew, we bought

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chunking-using-passive-income-streams-from-real_2 Chunking Using Passive Income Streams from Real Estate to Pay for Chunks of Your Bills Lifestyles

Del Walmsley teaches a concept to simplify and focus your efforts on retiring yourself with passive income-producing real estate. He calls it chunking .

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can-i-use-home-improvements-as-a-tax-deduction_2 Can I use Home Improvements as a Tax Deduction

The rules regarding tax deductions for home improvements and repairs can be complex and confusing, even for the pros. But sooner or later, all

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buying-your-first-home-turbotax-tax-tips-videos_1 Buying Your First Home TurboTax Tax Tips & Videos

Updated for Tax Year 2014 OVERVIEW Buying your first home is a huge step, but tax deductions available to you as a homeowner can

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a-tax-deductions-checklist-for-real-estate_1 A tax deductions checklist for real estate professionals

Feb 18, 2011 These may not be the worst of times for real estate professionals, but they certainly are not the best either. To

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